Nacao Capoeira Batizado – 2015

Nacao Capoeira Memphis is hosting our first annual batizado this year. Buy your passes online now to ensure you can enjoy all of the following events. Keep checking this page for further updates.

This event is hosted in collaboration with Cultural Association Of Brazilian Arts. Visit their site here:

Friday May 29th

At Delta Groove Yoga
2091 Madison Ave,
Memphis, TN 38104

  • 7:00 pm – Open roda
  • Potluck/Mixer
Saturday May 30th

At Envision Memphis
149 Monroe Ave,
Memphis, TN 38103

Complimentary bodywork will be offered by Charlene Gaffney!appointments/c1oky

Snacks will be provided by Havana’s Pilon

  • Noon to 1:30 – workshop with Zulu from Capoeira Angola Palmares Nashville
  • 2pm to 3:30pm – workshop with Instrutor Cantador from FICAG
    • Instrutor Cantador was born in Columbus, Ohio. He began his initial training in capoeira under the tutelage of Mestre Cesar Carneiro and Professor Energia in Miami Beach, Florida in 2005. After several years of training faithfully Nacão Capoeira disbanded. Cantador continued training with Nago Capoeira for a year under then Graduado Vagalume. Shortly thereafter in July of 2011 he met Mestre Ze Com Fome at a workshop in Miami. Being thoroughly impressed by his humility, love of family as well as his passion and skill level in capoeira Cantador asked Mestre Ze for permission to begin training under the FICAG banner. With that permission granted he became Mestre Ze’s first student in Miami. After intense training in music, capoeira history, leadership and proper capoeira etiquette he recently (Nov. 2013) received his initial teachers level cord with FICAG Miami. Cantador’s capoeira philosophy can be summed up in a few words: maintain a student’s heart and love for the art and one will stay in a constant realm of learning. AXE!

  • Intro to BJJ Workshop/Demo 4 to 5
Sunday May 31st

At Co-Motion Studio
416 North Cleveland Street,
Memphis, TN 38104

  • Batizado from noon to 5pm

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